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In the era of pandemics and wars amidst the political environment getting hotter day by day, and the media busy working behalf of the political interests pushed the people into dilemma, and the unusual price rise has its impact on the market.
Some businesses are thriving irrespective of the external environment, most businesses are struggling with the cash flow issues. I am Venu Bhagavan as a Business Coach got the opportunity working closely with many business owners and observed their thinking pattern, leadership and the decision making abilities.
Most of the time, when anxiety and uncertainty grips over the mind, the decision making often goes out of the rhythm. So, we coaches believe the progress of an organization depends upon the leadership of the promoters.
So, we hereby present a unique insightful-interactive session for the builders of an Entreprise to interact with world-class master coaches in a full day event with full of thought provoking and experiential learning.
The Master Coaches with whom you can interact in the post lunch and the evening are sure to take your life and business progress to a quantum leap it deserves. An opportunity to get the deeper insights what goes in creating a sustainable business and business value, which is not just the sales.
With Best Regards,
Venu Bhagavan



The Pryde

Value begins with people, we seek to understand our market and the people within it because we care about what they want and why they want it.

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